Today there are many different types of faucet you can buy and also many different brands and surprisingly enough, although some of the designs may be new, others are perhaps thousands of years old and yet still reasonably effective. Regardless of whether a faucet design is old or new though, they will probably have been reviewed on the website which is known for reviewing various products and displaying their findings along with the pros and cons of each.

The old designs are really old as they can be dated back as far as the Minoan days 1700BC but in those days the use of faucets was probably limited to the wealthy as all the faucets dating back till then which have been found, was made of either, gold, silver or in some instances marble. Similarly Roman in times from 1000BC until about 476AD, faucets were more limited to people of wealth rather than to the poor but at least the Romans installed faucets in the public bathhouses but those faucets were usually only made of silver although some have been found with gold and marble fittings.

All these faucets from centuries and even thousands of years ago had a similar design and that design can still be seen in shops today. Today though there are different designs too as it was Al Moen in 1957 that made history when for probably the first time in history, he designed a new faucet. His faucet design received immediate success and so within just 12 years, over a million homes in the United States alone, were fitted with Moen designed faucets. Apart from those faucets in the US, Moen designed faucets were also exported to 55 other countries.

The design of the Moen faucet remains popular today with now 50% of all faucets in the kitchens of American homes are ones which follow the Moen design. That does, however, mean that 50% of American homes are fitted with designs, not of Moen design and so that is why it is worth looking at websites like the one above to see what are the pros and cons of not just Moen faucets but also of their competitors. The Moen design although most certainly useful and efficient, may not suit everybody’s idea of what a faucet should look Like or it may be considered that the design would look out of place considering the overall design of the kitchen.

Unlike in the Minoan and Roman times though, today every kitchen is fitted with a faucet of one design or another and so kitchen faucets can be big business which prompts manufacturers to keep coming up with new designs for faucets or at least different features or styles and so every time you come to buy a new faucet, you will be met with some new designs and so you will have to learn about those but that can be easy if you visit one of the websites like the one shown above.